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    Who Knew? Extreme Coupons

    Find out the Secrets to Saving Thousands with Coupons! Whether you want to extreme coupon like they do on TV, or just find out some easy tips to save with coupons, Who Knew? Extreme Coupons gives you everything you need to save at least 50 percent on every grocery bill, including:

    • Where to shop, when to shop, and how to know what coupons to clip
    • How to get paid to shop by working your store’s loyalty program
    • How to know when products at your store will be on sale
    • The pros and cons of each different coupon-organizing method
    • Ingenious ways to get even more coupons from family, friends, coworkers, and online
    • Pre-written letters you can send to companies to request more coupons And more!


    See ebook version.


    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1. The Art of Couponing: Easy-to-Use Coupon Strategy Tips
    • Chapter 2. Where to Find Coupons
    • Chapter 3. When and Where to Shop
    • Chapter 4. At the Store
    • Chapter 5. The Secrets About Sales and Loyalty Programs
    • Chapter 6. Organizing Your Coupons and Stockpile




    • ISBN:978-0-9832376-6-2
    • Paperback, 88 pages



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